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Dark Town Licensing [[darktownlicensing.com]] is a division of Dark Town Music Group USA, an independent urban label and soundtrack music production company located in Decatur, Georgia USA,home to R&B sensation Keri Hilson. This company is owned and operated by producer/songwriter/rapper Lord Hector Diono [[lordhectordiono.com]]

His name is synonymous with the word shadow, or phantom, he’s seen but never seen, Lord Hector Diono doesn’t perform at open mic settings, he is said to be an Arena or Coliseum artist because of the size of his sound, one of Hector's first first live Atlanta performances was in front of a live audience of over ten thousand people where he billed as the opening act at an

Event promoted by Cedric Walker Known as the “The Too Damn Hype Jam” in April 1993 where Hector was assigned the task of opening act for Big Daddy KANE and DJ Mr Cee at the Omni Coliseum, now replaced by the Phillips Arena in Atlanta.

Hector was approached by DJ Mr. Cee after performing a song called "Illin for a killin" , but was unable to take Mr.Cee up on his offer because Hector's circle of financial backers were at war with one another over an unpaid narcotics debt, this was of no fault of Hector's, but he suffered because of it.

He went on to perform at venues such as My Brother’s Keeper and the Old Ben Hill Theater in Atlanta Georgia with

D.J.Smurf aka Mr. Colli Park and eventually recorded a song together called "Grave Yard Rhythm" using a sample from "Sly and The Family Stone".

Hector has also been Mentored, and industry groomed by the New Jack Swing pioneer, the late Gene Griffin, Bobby Sanders, Sidney "Kenny Diamond" Woods, Greg" Cat Man" Johnson, Casual Cal, & Cedric Walker of the Universoul Circus,Tommy Brown, brother to R&b artist Bobby Brown, Kevin L. Chambers of the Black Expo USA, & Darnell Johnson his "Godfather" but he soon began to grow fearful of being known simply as a

club artist, and felt that without a current hit record, there would be no need to get caught up in risking his true identity in the entertainment industry. Lord Hector Diono is a music composer that happens to be best known by the online community as a hip hop figure, a rapper known as the "God of the Goons", or simply,” Hector”. Devastated by the death of close family friend, Biggie Smalls on March 09, 1997, Lord Hector Diono became extremely bitter with the world of hip hop and anything that was associated with the culture, this lasted for

Ten years affecting his relationships negatively with some of hip hop’s upcoming artists as well as his personal and business relationships, however; Hector never lost his love for music itself, and because of that he began producing music tracks again in 2007, some hip hop, some rock soundtrack themes (Hector's original sound since 1984), some soul, and some were simply

over the top soundtrack instrumentals, and piano compositions. In the winter of 2008 Lord Hector started an indie label after building a small full vocal recording studio in his home,he painted the walls black, and hanged the poster” Born Again” on the back of the vocal booth door in loving memory of the slain Brooklyn Native Notorious B.I.G. and decided to name his

Record label,” Dark Town Music Group, since then Hector has formed several online indie entities involving film production, media, and graphics to assist him with his marketing strategies around the world reaching such countries outside the United States as Denmark, United Kingdom, London, Asia, Bulgaria, Finland, and Australia to name a few.

The Washington D.C. native admits he still operates on a budget, and has even directed his sights toward film soundtracks and is currently shopping his music and films efforts towards that section of the entertainment industry, Lord Hector Diono’s music projects are now distributed by Island Def Jam Music Digital Group. Lord Hector Diono is managed by Def Jam Universal A&R veteran, Michael "Goldie" Greaux: Office| 1-866-609-6226 Extension2

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Good Stuff Lord Hector Diono

ILoveMuzicTV on September 12, 2011
Yes Mate!

DarkTownLicensing on August 29, 2011
Hello all I'm working right now I will listen to some of you alls materail soon though thanks for checking in, Lord Hector Diono, DTL:CEO

JazzyDoll on August 27, 2011

MeganThomas on August 23, 2011
Hi DarkTown Licensing

GlammaKid on August 22, 2011
It's Glamma

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